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Art Direction2023
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After collaborating on the creation of the Maison Yoko center's website, Alexandre Mertens sought our expertise for the redesign of his personal site. His need was to redefine his visual identity towards a more modern aesthetic. We undertook this project with the goal of creating a showcase website that reflects not only Alexandre Mertens's personality but also his vision of his field of work, cosmetic surgery.

Alexandre Mertens' homepage website
Alexandre Mertens' homepage website
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Alexandre Mertens' showcase website was designed following the style of Maison Yoko's site, favoring an elegant aesthetic, meticulous animations, and cutting-edge development technology. The goal was to create visual harmony between the two sites while highlighting Alexandre Mertens' personality and expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery. The final result delivers a modern, captivating online experience that meets the industry standards.

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Agence web Akaru

a complete website

The website has been meticulously designed to highlight expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery. Special attention has been given to the creation of a section dedicated to news, thereby demonstrating the desire to expand the content and keep the public informed about the latest trends, innovations, and relevant news.

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A website segmented into 3 areas

The site is segmented into three distinct entries: breasts, silhouettes, face. Each of these sections has been carefully crafted to offer comprehensive expertise sheets, providing maximum information and transparency for prospective patients.

This approach allows site visitors to quickly and easily access the specific information they are looking for, thereby enhancing trust and clarity in the information process for those considering future aesthetic procedures.

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