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Art Direction2022
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Interstellar Lab, a bold French startup that is embarking on the construction of controlled environment biodomes to grow plants on Earth, with future ambitions for the Moon and Mars. In this website redesign, we are highlighting this visionary initiative by using immersive visuals that plunge users into this fascinating universe.

homepage section of the header interstellar lab - custom showcase site
InterstellarLab Showcase Website Homepage


For this redesign, Interstellarlab envisioned a sleek and elegant site, enhanced with subtle animations to add a touch of dynamism without distracting from the essentials. The spacious layout provides smooth navigation, inviting visitors to explore the future of space agriculture.

InterstellarLab showcase website homepage screenshot
InterstellarLab page Biopod
Interstellarlab image fullscreen
Interstellarlab image fullscreen

Double challenge

The site has risen to a dual challenge: that of promoting the vision and future goals of Interstellarlab, while highlighting the Biopod to attract future investors or partners. We have designed a site that can evolve over time to remain at the forefront of innovation.

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responsive design

Despite the use of 3D assets, full-screen images, and videos, the website was designed with an optimal mobile experience in mind. We have integrated essential features, such as a newsletter system, easy contact options, and news pages. These features aim to enrich the content and keep Interstellarlab's audience informed about its latest discoveries and advancements.

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