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Art Direction2018
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  • Art direction
  • UX/UI
  • Front-end development

Explore the Great North through our redesigned 66°North website. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of these regions, we have given way to captivating visuals. The soft typography and elegant colors evoke tranquility and escape, while the illustrations invite you to adventure. Set off to discover the Great North.

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Artistic direction support and front-end development

When 66°North contacted us, they had already established their graphic identity with an existing logo. Their goal was to create a website that inspires confidence and already transports their users on a journey. We supported them in the art direction, the site structure, the organization of information, and the front-end development. The back-end development was carried out in collaboration with Kalao agency, which designed the back-end part of the site on Wordpress.

66° North desktop image
66° North desktop image fullscreen
66° North desktop image fullscreen

A showcase website with the "codes" of an e-commerce site

While retaining the codes of an online sales site, we have added elegant animations and a thorough reflection in UX/UI to provide a pleasant and inspiring experience for the customers of 66°North. The result is a showcase website that is clear, easy to access, and conveys all the brand's specificities offering tailor-made trips, personalized and human experiences. An interface that combines aesthetics and functionality to highlight the unique services of 66°North.

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Optimized product sheets

The approach for creating the website for 66°North, specialized in customized trips, was to design complete travel product sheets. The goal was to display important information from the start of the sheets to reassure users. All information was intentionally presented in a visual manner, thus facilitating understanding and providing a clear and informative user experience. This visual approach helps to create an immediate connection with potential travelers and assists them in visualizing their adventure from the first contact with the product sheet.

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66° North desktop

Travel and more!

In addition to the travel product sheets, 66°North was keen to integrate other supplementary pages to highlight the human aspect of the company with a page dedicated to the team, as well as a blog section. The goal was to create an evolving website, capable of adapting to changing needs over the years. The final result is a timeless site, thanks to its clean design that ages well over time. This approach allows 66°North to maintain an online presence that remains relevant and appealing to its visitors as the company evolves.

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66° North desktop image fullscreen