Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

Art Direction

Elevate your online presence with our web art direction agency, where aesthetics meet functionality.

Discover visual excellence through our agency specialized in web art direction. With us, every pixel is carefully considered to create captivating websites. Our team of passionate creatives combines technical expertise and artistic flair to design unique, harmonious, and intuitive platforms. From color selection to the layout of elements, we craft interfaces that tell your story and captivate your audience.

What do we mean by “Artistic Direction”?

Art direction encompasses the creation and management of the visual aspect of an online project. It involves aesthetic design, color palette, typography, the arrangement of visual elements, and the creation of a consistent visual identity.

The artistic direction aims to enhance the user experience. It can also involve creating graphics, icons, visuals, and other visual elements to harmonize the overall aesthetic of the website.

Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

What are our areas of expertise at Akaru?

  • Logo design / visual identity :

    We create high-end visual identities to set you apart from the competition and create a distinctive visual representation that can be adapted to a variety of media. To find out more, click here.

  • Wireframe and prototyping :

    We create customized wireframes and prototypes to assist you in the planning and design of your customized website.

  • UX/UI design :

    We attach great importance to the user experience, creating uniquely designed layouts that don't compromise comprehension. Every element we integrate is carefully thought through to deliver the best possible user experience.

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What is the purpose?

It allows you to find your visual identity and the creative direction to adopt throughout the site.

We are starting the art direction phase in several types of projects. We commit to mock up all the pages on Figma, whether it is for your future showcase website, experience website or even e-commerce site.

We design mockups for your future pages, for both desktop and mobile versions. Our expertise in art direction is not limited to website creation; we are also able to assist you in designing your mobile applications.

How is it going?

Follow the steps.

  • Briefing phase :

    We start our journey with a briefing phase, a first meeting where you share your story: who you are, what you do, your vision, your goals, and your needs.

    At this point, you can also bring along some inspirational websites so that we can better understand where you're heading.

  • Art Direction phase :

    Once the quote has been validated, we dive into the art direction phase.

    Depending on the type of project, we can create a moodboard and make a benchmark beforehand. We then present you with an initial design idea, which we refine together until it resonates perfectly with you.

    Once this creative direction has been approved, we transpose it to all the other pages. We then turn this into a mock-up using the Figma tool. Our aim is to give you a clear vision of your future site.

    Once the design has been validated, we move on to the development phase.

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