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Art Direction2021
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  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI
  • Conception
  • Front-end / Back-end Development

From Paris to Shanghai, Zorba is an internationally recognized storytelling agency known for its expertise in copywriting and video production. The new website aims to convey a modern image of Zorba, adopting a simple and elegant style, highlighting their clients and their know-how.

Desktop homepage Zorba cities
Custom internet desktop site version of the Zorba homepage

Artistic direction and development support

When Zorba contacted us for the redesign of their showcase website, they already had a logo in place. We then supported them in the development of their visual identity, by suggesting colors that further strengthen their visual presence. Subsequently, we collaborated with them to create the website mockups and ensure the development of both the front-end and the back-end.

Custom internet desktop site version 2 Zorba homepage
Agence web Akaru

a technology website

Zorba Group wanted to highlight its expertise and considers its profession as a true "science". To this end, we opted for a modern and sleek graphic identity. The animations on the site reinforce this modern aspect and play with the graphic charter, providing a dynamic visual experience.

custom cursor

Throughout the website, visitors can discover dynamic animations. The site's UX/UI is guided by a smart cursor that complements the users' actions. As they hover over buttons, the cursor changes appearance to inform users of upcoming actions, thus providing a smooth and intuitive browsing experience.

Zorba mobile internet site
Zorba mobile internet site homepage header
Zorba mobile projects website
Zorba image full-screen
Zorba image full-screen
Zorba version desktop site internet portfolio
Zorba desktop teams

Zorba homepage desktop
Zorba header image full screen
Zorba header image full screen

Immersive visual experience

The site consists of a homepage, an About page, and Project pages. Thanks to their expertise in the field of audiovisuals, we have made the most of large images and the use of videos to create an immersive visual experience throughout the navigation.

Zorba mobile project details
Zorba mobile header
Zorba mobile has internet filters for projects
Zorba header page mobile