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Art Direction2022
Yoko House - Beauty Center in Lyon
  • Graphic identity
  • UX / UI
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • WebGl

In the heart of Lyon, on the Bellecour square, a new standard of natural aesthetics emerges. We brought this vision to life by creating a custom showcase website for this brand new aesthetic center. From the art direction to web development, every detail has been carefully orchestrated to reflect the essence of Maison Yokō.

Yoko House homepage showcase site desktop
Yoko's house showcase website homepage desktop version

Yoko's house showcase desktop homepage
Yoko House website full screen image
Yoko House website full screen image

A priority given to design and technology

Yokō House wanted their website to reflect the unique atmosphere of their premises. With a priority given to design and aesthetics, but also a great importance placed on technology, we created a site that perfectly integrates these two aspects.

The site was designed using WebGL animations, providing an immersive visual experience that reflects the digital art present in the premises of Maison Yokō. The combination of refined design and cutting-edge technology creates an online platform that captures the essence of Maison Yokō's innovative and modern aesthetic, offering visitors a web experience that matches the establishment's excellence.

Yoko's mobile home menu
Yoko's house homepage mobile
Yoko House mobile clinic
Yoko mobile home
Yoko House website "we believe that every life is a free work of art, constantly in creation"
Yoko house slider 2 image
Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru
Yoko House website location
Yoko's house woman image
Yoko's house woman image
Yoko's house page teams

Many services

Yokō House is a center offering a multitude of services, we have paid special attention to highlighting their various areas of expertise. Whether it's in the field of surgery, skin care, or wellness, each service is presented in a distinct and elegant manner.

The site includes dedicated sections for each area of expertise, highlighting the specific services offered. To enhance interaction, relevant call-to-action (CTA) buttons are incorporated, redirecting visitors to informative 3D simulators or booking links on Doctolib. This strategic approach aims to provide users with a comprehensive online experience, by making it easy to access all the services provided by Maison Yokō.

Yoko House expertise page

responsive design

The mobile version of this showcase website was a priority, given that it accounts for a significant portion of Maison Yoko's traffic. Every detail, from the images to the WebGL animations, has been carefully adapted to provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience on mobile screens. Thus, visitors can enjoy the Maison Yokō site wherever they are, with a mobile site that retains the same visual excellence as its desktop counterpart.

Yoko House mobile menu
Yoko House mobile homepage
Yoko mobile home