Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

Digital experience

We design immersive and innovative digital experiences.

We are a web agency based in Lyon, dedicated to creating personalized digital experiences. Thanks to our expertise, we strive to provide you with exceptional digital experiences.

What do we mean by “Digital Experience”?

A digital experience encompasses all the interactions and impressions that a user experiences online, whether it's on a website, an application, or other digital platforms. It goes beyond simple navigation and includes how users interact with content, features, design, and even the emotions they feel.

A successful digital experience aims to meet user needs while creating a positive and memorable connection with the brand or online platform.

Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

What types of digital experiences do we create?

  • Landing page

    The aim of a landing page is to create an immersive, captivating experience as soon as visitors arrive on your site. Animations immediately attract attention, encouraging visitors to explore the content further. This dynamic approach offers a more attractive and memorable presentation of your products and services.

  • Lookbook

    A lookbook is a strategic asset in product marketing and promotion. It plays a multifaceted role, impacting on various aspects of your product's visual presentation. By integrating animations, it captures attention, offers a memorable visual experience, and brings your items to life in a dynamic way.

  • Competitions games

    Digital competitions are interactive marketing strategies designed to engage audiences and strengthen a company's online presence.

    They create a participative experience for users, stimulating their interest and fostering interaction with the brand.

  • Gaming

    Digital games are used to create interactive and engaging experiences for online users. They are designed to entertain, stimulate interaction and strengthen the connection with a brand or platform. These games aim to capture users' attention, extend their online presence and create memorable experiences.

Why use animations?

  • Differentiation tool

    It acts as a strategic tool to set you apart from the competition, offering a unique and captivating experience.

  • Creating a Memorable Experience

    Its aim is to create an experience that stays with your visitors, reinforcing your presence in their minds.

  • Captivating storytelling

    It offers the opportunity to captivate your audience by telling an immersive story, reinforcing the emotional connection with your brand.

  • Navigation assistance

    In addition to its immersive dimension, it can also serve as a practical tool to guide users through site navigation, enhancing their interaction with your content.

How does it actually work?

An "experience site" is a powerful way to convert your audience.

  • Brief phase :

    We begin our journey with a briefing phase, an initial meeting where you share your story: who you are, what you do, your vision, your objectives and your needs. Once the brief has been validated, we dive into the artistic direction.

  • Art Direction phase :

    We guide you in defining the structure of your experience site. This can include setting up a storyboard. We present you with an initial visual vision, then refine it together until it resonates perfectly with you.

    Once this creative direction has been approved, we transpose it to all the other pages. We turn all this into a model on Figma. Our aim is to give you a clear vision of your future "site experience".

  • Development & Launch phase :

    Once the design has been validated, we move on to the development phase.

    If you'd like us to create a landing page for you, and you'd like to host your page on your parent site, this is possible. A technical meeting will be set up at the start of the project to determine feasibility.

    Once development is complete, we'll send you a pre-production version of your future experience site. We'll then follow up by putting it online.

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Why use animations?

Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

3D and WebGL

The integration of 3D animations and WebGL on the web provides an immersive and interactive visual experience for users. These technologies allow the creation of dynamic and captivating online environments, thus promoting engagement and retention of visitors.

Akaru can assist you in these areas.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an animated experience website can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the animations, the number of pages, the required features, and the level of customization.

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