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Surfing wetsuits

Art Direction2022
Landing Page / Lookbook Cover Olaian
  • Art Direction
  • Conception
  • UX/UI
  • Landing page
  • Front-end development

Discover the world of Olaian wetsuits from Decathlon with our immersive lookbook to surf all year round. Dive into this digital experience, explore the details and choose your gear with ease. The ocean awaits you.

Olaian Wetsuit Lookbook Header
Olaian Loobook wetsuit desktop screen

E-commerce lookbook creation

From the art direction to web development, we have supported Olaian at every step, in order to provide a complete user experience. Highlighting the products, our sleek design and immersive product sheets immerse you in the quality and style of the wetsuits.

Olaian Loobook wetsuit screen desktop module zoom
Olaian Loobook section fullscreen
Olaian Loobook section fullscreen

e-commerce product sheets

This lookbook has been specially designed to highlight the distinctive features of the wetsuits, organized according to their future use (very cold, cold, temperate, or warm water). The integration of direct links redirecting to the product pages on the Decathlon website has been carefully orchestrated to provide a complete user experience. In this way, we have managed to create a detailed presentation of the wetsuits while facilitating user navigation towards essential information on the Decathlon website.

Olaian Loobook wetsuit mobile menu
Olaian Loobook men's mobile wetsuit
Olaian Loobook men's mobile zoom wetsuit product
Olaian Loobook women's desktop wetsuit
Olaian Loobook wetsuit desktop image full screen surfer girl
Olaian Loobook wetsuit desktop image full screen surfer girl