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A valley, a cow, a cheese

Digital experience2018
Abundance cheese digital experience
  • Experience site
  • Conception
  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Dive into the secret of the Abondance cheese. Explore its captivating history and challenge the monk to a game of rock-paper-scissors. A digital experience interactive that invites you to discover the mysteries and delights of this emblematic cheese.

Abondance cheese digital experience fullscreen image
Abundance image of the experience - start of video

Experience and digital game

For a complete immersion, we have created an interactive mini-game that alters the video based on the user's choices. Dive instantly into the atmosphere with the sound design that transports users into the glow of an old aging cellar to challenge a Monk. An engaging experience that awakens the senses and invites to explore the world of Abondance cheese in a playful and captivating way.

Website creation experience

In addition to the video experience, we have created a showcase website where we guided the client through both the artistic direction and web development (back + front). This site offers a deep dive into the history of Abondance cheese and informs visitors about where they can purchase this delicacy. A platform that combines aesthetics and functionality to provide a complete experience for cheese lovers.

Abondance cheese digital mobile experience
Abondance cheese digital mobile experience landing
Abondance cheese digital mobile experience history
Abondance cheese digital desktop experience

Abondance cheese digital experience desktop cheese