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Art Direction2021
  • Art Direction
  • Conception
  • UX/UI
  • Front-end development

HIFI FILTER, specialized in filtration and separation solutions for mobile equipment and industrial processes, enlisted our services for the creation of a custom showcase website. The goal was to highlight their range of high-performance filters and to strengthen their presence as a reference partner among professionals.

Custom homepage for Hifi filter website

Art direction

For the HIFI FILTER website, we took charge of the art direction by creating a sleek and modern design. Using large headlines and the color red for a punchy look, we aimed to give their site a dynamic appearance. Collaborating with Hocus Pocus for the 3D part of the filters added a nice touch to the whole.

Custom mobile website for Hifi filter activities
Custom mobile website for Hifi filters and history
Custom mobile website with high-fidelity filters for leaders
Custom website hifi filters with desktop burger menu
Custom website hifi filters with desktop burger menu
Custom website construction for desktop with high-fidelity filters

Burger menu

We opted for a full-screen burger menu to facilitate navigation and more clearly prioritize the various products and areas of Hifi Filter. This approach allows for a structured view of all services and products from the moment the menu is opened.

Custom desktop internet filter site engine
Custom website hi-fi filter slider menu
Custom website menu with high-fidelity filter
Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru
Custom red car internet filter site
Custom red car internet filter site
Custom desktop internet site with high-fidelity filter and e-catalog

From the showcase site to the e-catalog

For this showcase website, Hifi Filter already had an e-catalog site intended for BtoB companies for specific orders of parts. The goal was to inform visitors as much as possible to encourage them to make a purchase. So we reused the code from the e-catalog site to create the front-end of this site, while Digitz agency took care of the back-end development.

Custom mobile internet filter website concept
Custom website hifi filter with burger menu
Custom website high-fidelity filter activities
Custom mobile internet site with key performance indicators
Custom internet filter website
Custom desktop internet filter for high-fidelity activities
Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru