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Art Direction2021
Mediakeys, homepage cover image
  • Art Direction
  • Conception
  • UX/UI
  • Front-end / back-end development

Mediakeys Group is an international communication strategy agency aimed at creating experiences in activation, transformation, and loyalty.

We were able to support them in the creation of their new visual identity as well as in the redesign of their showcase website.

Mediakeys' visual identity

Graphic identity creation

Our collaboration began with a complete overhaul of Mediakeys' visual identity, focusing on modernity. We created a new logo inspired by 'waves', playing with an elegant color palette of black and purple. This identity was designed for easy adaptation, whether on paper or digital media.

Mediakeys logo image on a black background
Mediakeys home

showcase site experience

Once the visual identity was established, we began designing a custom showcase website. The integration of the 'waves' from the logo served as a guiding thread, adding a dynamic touch to all the transitions on the site. These carefully incorporated animations enhance the user experience, creating a visual fluidity that reflects not only the modern aesthetics of the brand but also its commitment to innovation and originality.

Mediakeys' internet homepage

responsive design

Animations that are just as functional on mobile, offering a more immersive experience. A website that aims to highlight the Mediakeys team as well as their expertise in the digital field, while emphasizing their international presence.

Mediakeys mobile screen
Mediakeys menu mobile
Mediakeys mobile homepage
Medikeys planet
Medikeys planet
Mediakeys experience 1

Mediakeys desktop screen 2
Mediakeys teams desktop

Front-end and back-end development

The use of WebGL development has enabled the creation of dynamic animations. We have also created a fully manageable interactive map, allowing points to be positioned correctly and rotated as needed. The entire site can be managed through block systems, thus offering maximum flexibility to evolve the content at the same pace as the Mediakeys agency.

Mediakeys mobile screen projects
Mediakeys mobile screen quote
Mediakeys mobile interactive map screen
Mediakeys mobile screen team presentation