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Salty flow

Art Direction2022
Decathlon - Olaian x Kimjaly Salty Flow blanket
  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Landing page
  • Front-end

Creation of a landing page for the "Salty Flow" collection, the new capsule collaboration between Olaian and Kimjaly. Conceived in the Basque Country a few meters from the ocean, the collection with seventies accents is tinged with warm colors borrowed from the palette of a summer sunset.

Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page image fullscreen
Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page image fullscreen
Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page desktop

e-commerce landing page creation

In collaboration with five influencers, Olaian and Kimjaly have joined forces to create the "Salty Flow" capsule collection, consisting of clothing dedicated to surfing and yoga.

Following this collaboration, Olaian and Kimjaly wanted to document the entire creation process of the collection through a web series available on Youtube. This landing page was designed to gather all the elements related to this unique collaboration, thus offering visitors a complete immersion into the universe and the story of the "Salty Flow" collection.

Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page presentation section

graphic design and front-end development

We were able to guide them in the artistic direction of the page and the front-end development. The goal was to host the landing page on Decathlon's main website.

This posed no problem regarding the use of specific fonts or distinctive animations, allowing us to go further in customization. Each garment displayed on the landing page redirects to the corresponding product page on the Decathlon website, thus offering an excellent way to present the products in an immersive manner.

Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page mobile header
Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page collection presentation
Olaian x Kimjaly - mobile landing page presentation Ines
Olaian x Kimjaly - landing page for web series
Olaian x Kimjaly - featured landing page
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