Tomorrow is yours

Digital experience2022
Solomon cover landing page
  • Art Direction
  • Conception
  • Front-end
  • Landing page
  • Campaign promotion

"Tomorrow is Yours"

This is Salomon's latest communication campaign, marking the announcement of their new identity and the evolution of their brand positioning. This emblematic transformation reflects the transition from a brand entirely designed by sports enthusiasts to a contemporary urban style. Discover the landing page we designed for them.

Salomon landing page entry animation of a man from behind

Salomon animation with a sneaker going down
Agence web Akaru


Salomon contacted us with the video of their campaign already in hand. The goal was to create a landing page that incorporated certain distinctive graphic elements of this campaign, especially with the animation of the sneaker and the snowboarder coming out of the tunnel. Our work involved capturing the essence of the video campaign and translating it visually into an engaging and immersive landing page, offering visitors a digital experience that is unique and connected with the brand and its promotional campaign.

Salomon image screen page conquer tomorrow

Launch of the campaign

In preparation for the launch of the landing page, we created visual 'glitches' on Salomon's main site to tease the imminent release of the new page. This intriguing and visually captivating approach helped to generate excitement among the visitors of the main site, thus creating anticipation before the landing page went live. This teasing strategy contributed to increased engagement and strengthened the impact of the overall communication campaign for the launch.

Salomon image mobile snowboard
Solomon's introductory mobile image animation
Solomon picture mobile cart
Salomon desktop citation

responsive design

Salomon has a large community on social media, and in anticipation of this, we have paid special attention to the mobile version of the landing page. The focus was on optimizing animations to ensure maximum smoothness, particularly with the PNG sequence of the skier at the beginning. This approach has ensured a flawless user experience, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the Salomon experience, even on mobile devices.

Solomon's picture on a mobile screen
Salomon landing page section mobile conquer
Salomon landing page section mobile tomorrow
Salomon landing page section mobile years