Crosscall Stellar‑X5

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A unique sensation between your fingers

Art Direction2023
Crosscall X-5 E-commerce landing page header
  • Graphic identity creation
  • Art Direction
  • E-commerce product sheet
  • Front-End Development

The Crosscall STELLAR-X5 is a smartphone designed to provide an optimal user experience. Equipped with the latest generation components, it ensures performance and smoothness, even for the most intensive uses. Discover our landing page developed especially to highlight all its features.

Crosscall X-5 phone fullscreen image on a black background
Crosscall X-5 phone fullscreen image on a black background
Crosscall X-5 graphic identity proposal 2

New positioning, new identity

For this new smartphone, Crosscall aimed to push the boundaries and mark the beginning of a new positioning within the company, especially in B2C sales. Our collaboration began with the creation of three graphic identities, offering the company different perspectives for the continuation of the project. This crucial step was aimed at defining the artistic direction to be taken, setting the tone for the creation of the new smartphone and its positioning in the market.

Crosscall X-5 graphic design proposal

New identity, new development system

The choice of the new graphic identity also guided the selection of a different development style. Crosscall wanted to adopt a simpler and lighter approach, focusing less on WebGL animations and more on pop-ups to provide maximum product information. This shift in visual and interactive strategy aimed to create a cleaner and more accessible user experience, while highlighting the exceptional features of the new smartphone.

Crosscall X-5 mobile features
Crosscall X-5 mobile connectivity features
Crosscall X-5 mobile performance features
Crosscall X-5 desktop sensors

a minimalist yet classy design

In line with the new graphic identity and the desired positioning, both the product and the landing page have been designed with a clean approach. This e-commerce landing page e-commerce offers an experience that prioritizes clarity and simplicity, allowing users to easily discover all the relevant information about the product. A minimalist design for an optimal experience.

Crosscall X-5 desktop waterproof sensors
Crosscall X-5 desktop section image scrolling
Crosscall X-5 desktop section image scrolling
Crosscall X-5 desktop site e-commerce

responsive design

Crosscall was keen to highlight beautiful assets and high-quality product photos. Moreover, they wanted to implement a pop-up system that wouldn't disrupt the mobile user experience and would encourage purchasing on this e-commerce product page. Our approach was therefore to create attractive visuals and optimized pop-ups, ensuring an aesthetic presentation on all devices and encouraging users to make a purchase by offering a smooth and engaging user experience.

Crosscall X-5 mobile product image
Crosscall X-5 mobile product images
Crosscall X-5 mobile product image
Crosscall X-5 product image mobile accessories