Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru

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We are an agency specializing in the design of e-commerce websites and product sheets, focusing on quality and simplicity.

Based in Lyon, we stand out for our expertise in design and development, creating custom websites that reflect our clients' identity and effectively meet the needs of their users.

Need for us:

  • 01

    You want an e-commerce site on Shopify that's tailored to your needs, dynamic, modern, and above all nothing like a standard template.

  • 02

    You already have an e-commerce site and are looking to highlight certain products or a communication campaign in an innovative way.

Whatever your request, our creation process always remains the same :

  • Joint definition of your needs and discussion about the desired creative direction.
  • Art Direction and prototyping of all the pages of your e-commerce or landing page.
  • Development phase, including an online acceptance testing stage, carried out in close collaboration with you.
  • Uploaded.
Agence web Akaru
Agence web Akaru
Akaru web agency Lyon
Akaru web agency Lyon

Our agency supports you in getting started on the internet.

Whether you have exceptional products and are wondering how to highlight them on the web, or you are looking for a redesign to emphasize a specific collection, our approach remains the same.

Our expertise is focused on Shopify, an e-commerce CMS that we are fond of for its intuitive and flexible back-end management, allowing us to fully concentrate on delivering a high-quality front-end.

With us, you get a professional approach, complete customization, simplified inventory management, and meticulous SEO optimization.

Manage your products easily, without worry with Shopify.

When the job is well done, it gets recognized. Shopify, it's kind of our favorite among e-commerce CMSs. Why? Because it offers such an intuitive and flexible management since we started working with them in 2020. And we plan to continue this love story.

  • 🔥 An optimized back office

    You can classify products according to category, type, season, promotion applied, and much more.

    The must: create intelligent collections that automatically classify products according to distributor, price or stock level.

  • 📦 Stock management

    If you have different variants of your products based on size, color, material, or whatever, you'll be able to assign each variant its price, SKU code, weight and stock really easily.

  • ✨ Variants

    Another big advantage is that you can manage your inventory directly from your site. Shopify tracks stock counts and automatically stops selling products that are out of stock. In concrete terms, this means you can better anticipate with your suppliers, and avoid hours of after-sales service for undeliverable orders.

Lyon web design agency - Akaru

With us, it's straightforward.


    A business evolves over time, and your website needs to keep pace. The site we build for you is fully customizable, offering flexibility that grows with your needs.


    Allows you to create a fully customizable site, including animations.


    You'll be completely autonomous, as the platform is both intuitive and ergonomic. So there's no need to spend money managing your site. You have total freedom to manage your site as you see fit: add, delete, and shape it as you see fit, without hassle.


    Everything is already included, from the server and payment gateways to upgrades with the right subscription.


    Shopify allows you to optimize your site right down to the smallest detail, so you'll have a big advantage over your competitors right from the start. We create a clean base (H1, meta tags, etc.) and then it's up to you to make it grow by creating quality content.

Agence web Akaru

You already have an e-commerce site. However, you feel the need for something fresh and original to quickly and distinctively showcase a collection or a product. You are in the right place 👋🏽

We are here to support you and highlight a capsule collection or your flagship product on your e-commerce site.

We offer to create a landing page or to set up a lookbook with a unique artistic direction to showcase your products. We provide you with an aesthetic tool, with a carefully crafted user experience (UX/UI) to strengthen the purchasing process. The landing pages we design are not just pages, but true means of communication at your service.

How does it actually work?

  • A brief introduction to understand the context of your launch, your goals, and your needs.
  • Technical meeting to address the constraints related to your back-end.
  • Advice on the structure (wireframe) of the landing page.
  • First artistic proposal for validation.
  • Front-end development to bring the design to life.
  • Testing phase to ensure quality, followed by the launch.

The goal is to create a visually appealing and functional space that will boost your sales while enhancing your communication.

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