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Showcase website2022
Enchanted tool couverture
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end Development (Prismic)
  • WebGL

"Bringing modern logistics to social environments"

It is with honor that we had the opportunity to create the showcase website for Enchanted Tools, a French start-up developing smart robots to facilitate operations in hospital environments. In collaboration with Antony Legrand for the Art Direction.

Enchanted Tools - 3D robot - showcase website


For the landing page of Enchanted Tools, the goal was to highlight the main character: the robot. We chose a very zoomed-in 3D rendering to allow visitors to discover the robot's features in detail while scrolling through the page. We collaborated with Hocus Pocus for the creation of the robot's 3D model, and on our side, we handled the WebGL development to enable the robot to rotate as the user scrolls.

Enchanted Tools - meet Mirokai - showcase website
Agence web Akaru

Enter the world of Mirokai

The site provides smooth transitions and micro-interactions directly implemented in development to create an immersive experience for visitors.

Enchanted tools - logos - showcase website

Communication lever

Enchanted Tools was keen on using the website as a communication lever to inform visitors about their robot, share technical details, and attract potential investors, especially during international exhibitions. We worked closely with them to design a site that not only meets their communication needs but also provides an immersive experience to effectively captivate and inform their target audience.

Enchanted tool header homepage timing
Enchanted tool header mirokai mobile
Enchanted tool mobile
Enchanted tool version desktop
Enchanted tool section agility desktop